Thursday, May 12, 2016


Before you begin trying to create a Blended Classroom...

This summer is the perfect time to learn about creating a "Blended Classroom".  Without a lot of guidance on how to integrate technology we can be left feeling confused, overwhemled, and at times.... very frustrated.  Sometimes it takes "seeing it in action" before a new idea clicks or begins to make sense.  Youtube, Pinterest, and other teacher Blogs are the perfect places to begin your research.  

Before you begin what might become a never ending search with very little outcome, I would recommend looking up the "SAMR" model.  This will help you to analyze where you are in the process of integrating more technology in the classroom.  To be honest, most of us are in the "substitution" phase simply because we lack classroom resources.  But, this is where we are comfortable and comfortable means manageable.


EXAMPLE 1: instead of using a dry erase board and marker you might use a dry erase board app on an tablet.

EXAMPLE 2:  instead of writing answers to test prep on a piece of paper you might try analyzing student data using a Kahoot.

If you use technology at all in the classroom for simple tasks you are in the first phase of creating a Blended Classroom.  Can you think of activities or lessons that you could swap out paper and pencil and replace it with technology?  Feel free to share a Substitution idea in the comments below.